Navigating the Volatile Chiropractic Job Market: Insights from a Recruiter

  • By Dr. Narmda Kumar
  • Published on April 5

Having spent the last several years as a recruiter for two major Chiropractic organizations, I’ve noticed the job market for Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) has experienced significant volatility. Historically, job postings in this profession would attract 8-10 qualified candidates pre pandemic. Currently, however, the average is less than one qualified applicant per listing we put out. This downturn is partly attributed to the challenges faced by recent graduates, many of whom are pending completion of board examinations. This delay in licensure complicates the hiring process, as employing these graduates becomes difficult without full licensure. Although some states allow these graduates to practice under a licensed DC, this is not a viable option for many practices due to the potential increase in overhead costs.

Moreover, the prolonged period before licensure can affect the clinical skills of new DCs. Without regular practice, maintaining proficiency in chiropractic adjustments becomes challenging, potentially impacting patient care.

Additionally, there has been a noticeable shift in the chiropractic field towards integrated health practices, leading some DCs to pursue alternative careers. This trend has further narrowed the pool of candidates who align with a traditional chiropractic philosophy, complicating the hiring process for employers seeking practitioners with a strong commitment to this approach.

Despite these challenges, we have been finding success with both in-person and online recruiting methodologies. Educational institutions have shown increased openness to collaboration, supporting our efforts to connect with and hire their graduates. In addition, platforms like Chiro Jobs are empowering both associates and recruiters like me to get more efficient results with a centralized employment hub.

Our company, 100% Chiropractic, is dedicated to bridging this gap by leveraging our extensive network within the chiropractic community. Our aim is to match doctors with positions that not only meet their professional aspirations but also support their personal and family needs, ultimately enriching their lives and careers.